John's Real South BBQ

Welcome to John's Real South BBQ!

I have had a love of cooking my entire life. I was introduced to BBQ by my father-in-law, Roy Jacobs, back in 1997. Although I cooked what I thought was BBQ, I wasn’t even in the ball park! Roy cooked what is known as Carolina BBQ with a vinegar base and once introduced I was hooked! My brother Rick bought me my first real smoker and from then on I was in smoking heaven.

I've learned from the best!

Over the years I have been influenced by a few outstanding Pitmasters.
Roy Byrd in Fernandina Beach, Florida, showed me the Texas Crutch and introduced me to cooking with honey.
Rette Alexander, also of Fernandina Beach, taught me the finer skills of smoking and infusing flavors.
Big Jim Schweinsberg taught me real Southern barbecuing. I met Big Jim in Key West when we were both coaching our kids in Football. The team held a fundraiser and Big Jim showed up with a 500 gallon cooker. We smoked about 50 Butts that day and continued cooking together for the next 3 years.
Perhaps my biggest influence and cheerleader is Tommy Jacobs. Tommy taught me the art of temperature control and rubs. We cook together whenever we can; he cooks the best pork loin I have ever tasted! Tommy is truly a great Pitmaster.

Over the years I have taken what I have learned and adapted those lessons to my own personal style of cooking. I have created several rubs and sauces. I also started competing in BBQ Competitions and am proud to say I am sponsored by Kinnucans Specialty Outfitters (KSO) out of Auburn, Alabama.

Take a look around!

Use the menu bar to browse our site. We have a calendar we keep updated with our latest locations and a guestbook with a comment section so you can let others know how much you enjoyed our down home real southern BBQ.
I can come to you or cook for you to make your next get together one of the best gatherings you’ve ever hosted. Try us once and you’ll be hooked! Come see why we have the best Smoked Ribs, Chicken, and Butts in the South.

I look forward to cooking for ya’all in the future!